A Vegan & Gluten Free Flutist’s Guide to the Twin Cities

Often trip planning includes a substantial amount of research for hotels, transportation, tourist attractions. If you add in dietary restrictions restaurant research is also at the top of the list – for me finding places to eat as a vegan (who is also gluten free) in some locations can be a tricky endeavor. I hope this “Vegan & Gluten Free Flutist’s Guide” helps alleviate some of those headaches so that you can focus on networking, performing, and hearing as many concerts as possible. Want to head to Saint Paul? It’s about 20 minutes away (be sure to add extra time because of the never-ending construction!).

Find anymore good ones or have recommendations? Comment below!


Pizza Lucé – This is a local chain that is in Minnesota. They offer a plethora of vegan and gluten-free lunch and dinner options as well as brunch. You can eat at the restaurant or order delivery.

Modern Times – This punk rock eatery offers a fantastic vegan and gluten free brunch; lunch and dinner has a smaller selection from which to choose. My recommendation is to grab some brunch there – they often have a wait, be sure to get there early if you are on a time deadline. Parking is street parking and you can usually score a spot not too far away.

Hard Times – This is an all vegetarian spot which is also vegan friendly. They are open super late so is a good place to hang out at after concerts. CASH ONLY!

French Meadow (also has a St Paul location) – This is a cafeteria style bakery and coffee shop that offers table service for dinner. The Minneapolis location has an extensive menu and they offer many vegan and gluten friendly options. My favorites are the “Healing Plate” and their “Tempeh Tacos” as a gluten free vegan. My gluten eating partner also loves their Tempeh Reuben sandwich. In need of some breakfast? They got you covered with their “Vegan Breakfast.” They are also on Bitesquad and can deliver to you.

Blue Stem – This restaurant is attached to French Meadow and is open all meals. They have a  full bar and delicious food. Want to make sure you get dinner in during a time crunch? They take reservations!

Tao Foods – Local and organic vegetarian and vegan café that offers yummy juices and smoothies. Not super gluten free friendly but have some potential bowls.

Namaste – a delicious Indiana restaurant that has a lovely patio and delicious chai (they have so many options!). Highly recommend this restaurant. You can order food for pick up or delivery.

Triple Rock – Vegan and gluten free friendly menu. Serves breakfast on the weekends as well as lunch and dinner. Can place orders for pick up.

Birchwood Café – Dietary friendly restaurant. You’ll be able to find something for everyone here – be sure to check menus as some meal times are more vegan and/or gluten free friendly than others.

Seward Café – Neat place which is collectively owned; it is vegetarian and is vegan and gluten free friendly. Only open until 6pm so it is best for breakfast and lunch (or an early dinner!).

Wedge and Seward Co-ops – Great place to go pick up some to-go items.

Herbivorous Butcher – You may have heard of them as they have been making news since they opened. They aren’t a sit-down restaurant but you can order sandwiches for delivery/pick up through BiteSquad. If you happen to have a place where you can cook I recommend taking a trip out to pick up some delicious vegan-y meat to make for a meal! You may also order their deli items on their website . If you are gluten free they unfortunately don’t have a sandwich that we can eat due to bread and their meats typically containing gluten. If you drop by their store front they always have something that is gluten-free that you can pick up to cook with – their menu changes almost daily so check them out on their facebook page to see what they’re selling while you’re in town!

Sociable Cider Werks – Not a restaurant but had to throw it in for my gluten free colleagues. A hard cider brewery with an awesome taproom and bouchee ball. The brewery doesn’t serve food but food trucks are there every day or you can bring/order food. You’ll need to check their website to see what food trucks are there. If you’re an educator be sure to mention it to your bartender to get a discount!

Saint Paul

French Meadow – This is the 2nd location they have. They have a more limited menu but also have vegan and gluten free friendly items. They also have a great patio if the weather is nice out.

Café Latte – This is a cafeteria style restaurant. If you want a soup or salad this is a great place to go! They also have other items as well.

Supatraa – a cute family owned Thai restaurant. Very gluten free and vegan friendly. Available for carry out.

Ruam Mit Thai – another family owned Thai restaurant which is also gluten free and vegan friendly. This place can sometimes have long wait times for carry out so be sure to order early if you are on a time crunch.

J Selby’s – The Twin Cities very own vegan restaurant! They are worth the trip out to Saint Paul to eat some delicious food and treat yourself to a Soyclone. It is often busy, get there early if you have a deadline to operate under. As a new restaurant on the scene they do not at this time offer food to go or for delivery while they get their sea legs.

Burning Brothers – A gluten free brewery that only has gluten free food trucks. Just sayin’. Food trucks vary daily and aren’t always vegan friendly, be sure to check their website.

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