Making dreams come true

Teaching is a wonderfully rewarding career. Teachers of all avenues can tell you about how frustrating some days are, how many lessons they need to prep for, and that something was in the air because the students were wiggly and had trouble concentrating…but then in the same breath tell you about how excited they are that a student had a lightbulb moment and that they love their job.

Teaching is a passion that doesn’t ever let up. I am honored to be a faculty member at three great schools which gives me a wide range of levels to teach – from 6 years old through college.

One of said schools is a small arts organization, Hopewell Music Cooperative North. Hopewell will always have a special place in my heart as it is something that I helped plant and now am watching it grow by leaps and bounds. Helping establish an organization is no easy feat but in this journey I have wonderful friends and colleagues by my side who love Hopewell as much as I do and are just as determined to make sure that the roots run deep, the trunk grows straight and tall and that branches reach far and wide.

Thursday, November 14th is Minnesota’s “Give to the Max” day which is the biggest giving day in the state. By the time the clock strikes midnight millions of dollars would have been donated to countless organizations throughout the state. Hopewell Music Cooperative North is one of those organizations and we need you! Over 50% of our students receive free and reduced lessons and use Hopewell instruments at no cost.

One of those students is a dedicated 7 year old flutist. She dreamed of playing the flute for years and when her mom was told about Hopewell she immediately called and we promptly start lessons. About the second month of lessons she handed me a hand drawn thank you note, looked me in the eyes and said “Thank you for making my dream of playing the flute come true.” For once in my life I was speechless!

Please help us continue to make young musicians dreams come true through a donation of any size to Hopewell here. As a community organization we need community support to continue to bring these life changing moments to the Northside community. Music for all!

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